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Two souls torn apart,

Feelings of nowhere to go strangle my heart.

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ℓυcια ☣ eccentric fairy tail fan
16 December 1993

black or white

when it comes to icon-making for muses, i seem to prefer using fanart over official art most the time. don't ask me why, but as some may know, fanart can sometimes be a lot better than the official artwork itself ♥

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angel beats!, anime, ayato naoi, bernkastel, bgm, blaze union, blue rescue team, case closed, changin' my life, chihiro yonekura, clannad, conan edogawa, cool&create, crisis core, cruz cruppo crulielle, crystal chronicles, dept. heaven, detective conan, dissidia, doujin, ds, eastnewsound, explorers of darkness, explorers of sky, explorers of time, fairy tail, final fantasy, final fantasy ii, final fantasy iii, final fantasy iv, final fantasy v, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, forensics, fuuko ibuki, gameboy advance, gameboy color, gamecube, genis sage, girls dead monster, gray fullbuster, guilds, hanyuu furude, heiji hattori, hideki hinata, higurashi, hiro mashima, iosys, j-pop, j-rock, kanon, katawa shoujo, kingdom hearts, knights in the nightmare, legend of zelda, leviathan, link's awakening, lloyd irving, lucy heartfilia, majora's mask, mammon, manga, megumi hayashibara, milanor, minish cap, miyo takano, monster hunter, monster hunter orage, natsu dragneel, nintendo 64, nintendo ds, nintendo gamecube, nintendo wii, ocarina of time, onani master kurosawa, oracle of ages, oracle of seasons, osts, paranormal activity, pokemon, pokemon black, pokemon crystal, pokemon diamond, pokemon emerald, pokemon games, pokemon gold, pokemon heartgold, pokemon mystery dungeon, pokemon pearl, pokemon platinum, pokemon puzzle challenge, pokemon puzzle league, pokemon ranger, pokemon red, pokemon ruby, pokemon sapphire, pokemon silver, pokemon soulsilver, pokemon special, pokemon white, pokemon yellow, pokespe, pokespecial, pokesupe, psp, psychology, raine sage, rave master, red rescue team, rika furude, riviera, roleplay, roleplaying, rosary esmeralda, roswell branthèse, rp, rpgs, rping, satoko houjou, satoshi houjou, serial experiments lain, shaman king, sheena fujibayashi, shinichi kudo, shion sonozaki, shoko nakagawa, silver forest, smile dk, sony psp, soul eater, sting, tales of, tales of symphonia, tales of the world, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the unexplained, the x-files, touhou, touhou project, umineko, video games, wendy marvell, when they cry, wii, wind waker, world of warcraft, yggdra union, yggdra unison, zelos wilder, zun

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